An expansion tank is a small tank used to provide protection to a hot water heater from excessive pressure. The tank is partially filled with air and receives the overflow of expanded hot water when excess pressure exists in the water heater. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Houston can provide the installation of an expansion tank for your home.

The process of thermal expansion occurs when water is heated. Water doesn’t compress, and in the confines of the closed system of a conventional water heater, the expanded volume of hot water has to go somewhere. When an expansion tank is installed into the water heater system, the pressure of the expanded volume of water opens a diaphragm in the expansion tank, allowing water to flow into it and relieving the pressure within the hot water heater. The water that enters the expansion tank is eventually released into the water pipes to mix when a tap is turned on.

The recent federal regulation requiring the installation of backflow preventers on municipal lines further reduces the potential avenues of escape for expanded hot water. When a water heater develops a problem allowing the pressure to continue to rise, the expanding hot water can back up into the home’s water lines, and potentially into the municipal water lines providing some relief for the increasing volume of hot water in a water heater. The installation of a backflow preventer cuts off the municipal avenue of escape for the expanded volume of hot water.

When you notice the cold water tap seems unusually warm, contact Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Houston to have your water heater checked.

When backflow preventers are installed expansion tanks are recommended, and in some cases required. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg provides experienced plumbers in Houston specializing in the installation and repair of expansion tanks.

An expansion tank is sized for your home’s needs, based upon the capacity of the water heater, and the pressure of the water entering your home.

As water utilities upgrade their water systems to conform to the law requiring backflow preventers, local codes are likely to change. The recommendations regarding the installation of an expansion tank are as follows:

  • Install after water meter replacement with a dual backflow valve.
  • Install with water heater replacement.
  • Install with new home construction.
  • Install when a backflow prevention device is installed on the water meter or a pressure reducing valve is installed on the service line.

The installation of an expansion tank by Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Houston is the safest means of providing protection for a water heater system from the damaging effects of thermal expansion. Even when backflow preventers are not installed, an expansion tank provides an additional level of protection for the water heater, and your home from water leaks.

Like any other appliance, expansion tanks will require routine service to ensure they are operating properly. Homeowners will find it convenient to schedule an inspection to coincide with the annual water heater flush, drain cleaning or during other routine services for your home’s plumbing.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg’s professional plumbers can provide professional installation of an expansion tank for your home. You can depend upon our licensed plumbers in Houston for quality plumbing services, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We provide a wide range of expert plumbing services for Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.