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The experience of having low water pressure can be quite frustrating. When only one fixture is involved you can direct your attention to the single fixture as the problem will be in that fixture or its supply line. However, if the issue affects water pressure throughout your home, a variety of different plumbing issues are likely candidates. These possible causes will have to be ruled out one at a time to find the cause. In the following, we discuss potential causes when low water pressure involves the entire home. If you need a plumber in Sugar Land call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg for professional and reliable assistance.

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Whole House Low Water Pressure

  1. Check for a leak using the water meter test. A water leak can reduce water pressure. When no one is home to use water, turn off automatic water users such as the ice maker. Obtain a meter reading and write it down. While you are at the meter, check the on/off valve of the meter and ensure it is on. This lever is typically all the way down for on. If it is in the on position, recheck the meter in one hour. If it hasn’t moved you do not have a leak. Proceed to step 2. If you have a leak, call for plumbing repair from a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land.
  2. Check the pressure regulator. When a pressure regulator fails, it can result in a regulator wide open, and damaging high water pressure entering your home, or it can fail partially closed or completed closed blocking or reducing the flow of water. Replacing a pressure regulator involves cutting into the water main supplying your home’s water, and is a job best left to a plumbing professional. Call a plumber in Sugar Land for professional replacement.
  3. Re-piping may be required. Aging pipes are a potential cause of low water pressure, especially if the pipe involved is galvanized pipe. Galvanized pipe develops built-up and rust over the years, eventually, the pipe’s interior becomes blocked. Repiping is the only solution to corroded pipes and is a job best left to a professional plumber in Sugar Land. If you have galvanized pipe and see brown or reddish water when you turn a tap on, your pipes are corroded and need of replacement.

Individual Tap Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure present in an individual tap will involve a problem with the fixture or the water line supplying it. Use the following to narrow the problem down:

Shower Head

The showerhead may be clogged with hard water deposits. This can be resolved by replacing or cleaning the showerhead. Unscrew the showerhead and turn on the faucet. If you have good pressure with the shower head off, the problem is within the showerhead. Build-up will be visible. If cleaning it doesn’t restore normal water pressure replace the showerhead. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land can provide the plumbing repair that you require.

How to Clean a Shower Head

  1. If your shower head will unscrew remove it. If you use adjustable pliers, wrap the plier jaws with sturdy tape, or use a thick cloth between the pliers and the showerhead to prevent damage to the chrome.
  2. Remove old plumbers tape or putty from the showerhead stem.
  3. Test an inconspicuous area to ensure vinegar will not mar the finish. The finish on showerheads that are plastic, may look chrome and can be damaged. Once safety to the finish is assured, soak the showerhead in vinegar for a couple of hours. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub residue from the showerhead. Clean the aerator portion and if necessary, use a dental pick or straightened paper clip to clean out any remaining residue in the holes of the aerator. If necessary, soak longer in 10-20 minute increments. Once clean, rinse well and dry.
  4. Apply Teflon tape to the shower stem and reconnect the showerhead to the shower stem. When applying the Teflon tape, wrap the tape in the same direction as will tighten the shower stem.
  5. Screw the showerhead back on and snug it tight, but don’t overtighten. Turn the water on to test for leaks, reapply Teflon tape if leaks occur.
  6. If your shower head can’t be removed, place vinegar in a leak-proof bag and fasten to the showerhead, ensure vinegar covers all surfaces of the showerhead. Use heavy, thick rubber bands to hold the bag on. Allow to soak and clean as above.

Bathroom Faucet

For a bathroom faucet with low water pressure check the aerator by unscrewing and removing. Test the faucet with the aerator off, if it has good pressure clean or replaces the aerator. Rinse the aerator and clean with vinegar if necessary.

If the water pressure is low with the aerator off the problem could be in the faucet itself or the water supply lines. This isn’t a repair the typical homeowner can provide, call a plumber in Sugar Land.


Replacing the fill valve will often correct a slow filling toilet. If a fill valve replacement doesn’t correct the problem the toilet may require a new water supply line. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land can provide the plumbing services you require.

Kitchen Faucet

Check the water pressure with the aerator off. If the water pressure is normal, unscrew and clean the aerator by rinsing and cleaning with vinegar for build-up. If the water pressure isn’t normal there is a problem within the faucet itself, on in the water supply line and will require plumbing repair by a plumber in Sugar Land.

Water supply lines can become blocked due to the build-up of sediment from hard water, especially smaller lines such as those supplying a toilet. The pipe can be cleaned, but it may be easier to simply replace the line. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Sugar Land can provide the repair you need.

Corroded water mains can only be checked for a build-up and corrosion with a video line inspection. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg can diagnose your low water pressure problem and provide the necessary plumbing repair. When a video line inspection is required, once the problem is corrected the plumber in Sugar Land will provide a free post-inspection to ensure the pipe is thoroughly clean with no further blockage or other issues.