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Slab leaks are a plumbing term used for leaking pipes under the concrete floor of your home or business. Slab leaks can occur in either water lines, or in the sewer lines. Slab leaks of either kind can become a problem that can quickly cause extensive and costly damage to the home and foundation. When slab leaks occur, they require prompt repair of the leaking plumbing in Katy to prevent further damage.

a picture of a concrete wall

Signs of a Slab Leak

  • The sound of running water, even when no tap is open
  • A leak in a hot water line may cause a hot spot on the floor
  • Cracks can occur in walls or floors
  • Saturated carpet or discolored floors. Wood and linoleum will discolor, and tile may crack.
  • Water on the floor
  • Wet baseboards
  • Wet areas near the building
  • Water coming out below the water heater
  • An unusually elevated water bill
  • A musty or moldy odor. If the leak is in a sewer line the odor may be of raw sewage
  • Saturated drywall, especially at the bottom
  • A raised or sunken area on the floor could indicate a leak.

Causes of Slab Leaks

Slab leaks can be due to various factors. The following are the most common causes of slab leaks resulting in the need for repair of plumbing in Katy.

  • Corroded pipe can result from water chemistry. The pH and water conditions can lead to a corroded pipe.
  • Improper Wrapping of exposed piping can cause pipe damage leading to a leak. The movement of water and the expansion and contraction of hot water pipes cause the pipes to move slightly. Without proper wrapping, the pipes are damaged in the surrounding soil and foundation filler.
  • The use of poor quality plumbing materials during the initial installation can lead to a leak
  • Damage to a pipe during the original installation, possibly during the installation of the concrete slab. The weakened area continues to degrade due to various factors over time, eventually leading to a leak.
  • As the ground settles beneath the weight of the home and its contents, the ground can shift over time, eventually causing broken pipes. Earthquakes can also break pipes.
  • High water pressure can lead to leaks in pipes.

If you have an elevated water bill without a known reason, use the water meter test to verify a leak in your plumbing in Katy.

  1. Choose a time when no one else is home and shut off all potential users of water such as the ice maker for example.
  2. Write down the numbers on the meter dial.
  3. After 30 minutes to one hour recheck the meter reading. If the numbers have changed you do have a water leak.

Sewer Line Leaks

Sewer line leaks may be undetected until there are signs of foundation damage. If you smell raw sewage, call a plumber right away.

Leak Detection

Benjamin Franklin plumbers use the most advanced technology for accurately pinpointing a leak and providing slab leak repair of your plumbing in Katy. Modern leak detection tools save time and money while minimizing floor disturbance. In the majority of slab leaks, the floor doesn’t have to be disturbed at all.

Early leak detection and repair are the best means of minimizing damage to your home and foundation when a slab leak occurs in your plumbing in Katy. If you suspect a leak, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg today.

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