New regulations mandating increased energy efficiency will go into effect on April 16, 2015. These NAECA water heater standards will affect all water heaters manufactured for residential or commercial applications beginning on this date. When considering how the most recent regulations will affect your home if you have been considering the installation of a tankless water heater in Sugar Land, the time to do so maybe now.

How the 2015 Standards Will Affect Water Heater Installation

An increase in the size of conventional tank water heaters will increase their height and width. NAECA recommends adding 3 inches extra in the projected space’s height and width to accommodate the water heaters. Numerous homeowners will face the situation of a water heater that will not fit into the existing space. If you find yourself in this situation after all, water heaters manufactured under current guidelines are sold, there will be 4 options to choose from:

  1. Enlarge the current space to accommodate the larger size of the water heater.
  2. Relocate the water heater. This will incur construction costs, including the installation of gas lines and electrical service. The purchase of a gas water heater may still require electrical service to operate the digital components.
  3. Install a water heater with a smaller gallon capacity.
  4. Install a space-saving, energy-efficient tankless water heater in Sugar Land.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas models will incorporate flue baffling technology, including the flue dampers, and may utilize electronic ignition rather than a standing pilot. Gas water heaters over 55 gallons may utilize high efficiency condensing combustion technology. These changes may require electrical service to be installed in the location if not already present. In addition, condensate drainage disposal will need to be installed. Natural draft gas models without external electric supply will be available. Residential 60 to 100-gallon water heaters will no longer be produced.

Electric Water Heaters

Large capacity electric water heaters may incorporate heat pumps in order to meet the 2015 EF requirements. Residential 60 to 100-gallon water heaters will no longer be produced.

The industry will no longer manufacture 60 to 100-gallon gas or electric water heaters for residential applications due to the increase in the cost of manufacture. The changes in the EF for residential water heaters in the 55 gallons and below group is minute compared to the changes required for water heaters in the 60 gallons and above category.

Gas Tankless Water Heaters in Sugar Land

Tankless water heaters in Sugar Land already meet or exceed the 2015 EF standards. However, those models not already incorporating it will utilize electronic ignition. Taking up very little space, and providing superior energy efficiency, it is likely more homeowners than ever will consider the installation of a tankless hot water heater.

Furthermore, considering the installation of tankless water heaters in Sugar Land will qualify for a federal tax credit, and possibly local and/or energy supplier provided rebates or credits, the tankless water heaters gain even further appeal.

Increased Weight and Complexity

The majority of homeowners who often provide their own DIY water heater installation will find those manufactured under the 2015 NACEA water heater standards to be heavier and more complex. These factors will affect both installation and future repair. Due to these factors professional installation is recommended. Safety and proper operation may be adversely affected by DIY installation.

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