High-pressure water jetting provides an environmentally safe and efficient way to clean clogs from drain and sewer pipes. Water jetting cleans all the way to the pipe walls, utilizing varying amounts of water pressure in the pipe, removing grease and mineral deposits, cutting through stubborn blockages leaving pipes clean and draining efficiently. For the most effective sewer and drain cleaning available, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s plumbers in Houston.

Over time, grease, scale, soap scum, hair, sludge, roots and other debris narrow the pipe’s interior until it is blocked and drain issues occur. Inside severely clogged pipes, other plumber’s tools may partially remedy the clog, but will be unable to completely eliminate it. Before you know it, the partially cleared blockage has snagged debris, grease and other clog building materials, and the pipe or drain is once more blocked.

Water jetting eliminates left behind debris that result in quickly reoccurring clogs. Only water jetting cleans the pipe interior so thoroughly, eliminating the grease and sludge that other plumber’s tools can leave behind. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s professional plumbers in Houston are highly trained experts, equipped with the latest water jetting technology, providing you with a free flowing sewer or drain pipe for smooth, efficient drainage.

Water jetting utilizes a specialized nozzle with both forward and reverse water jets, providing a 360 degree cleaning action. The process clears clogs, sludge, tree roots and other clogging materials like no other plumbing tool. Not even corroded cast iron pipes can withstand the power cleaning action of water jetting, removing the build-up of corrosion and providing a smoother interior that enables free flow and reduces reoccurring blockages.

The angle of the forward jetting action of the nozzle provides propulsion carrying the nozzle up into the pipe, while the rear facing jets flush debris back and out of the pipe, and assists in propelling the nozzle through the pipe. Together, the clog busting action of water jetting provides a thoroughly clean and efficiently draining pipe.

If you are experiencing drainage issues, our plumbers in Houston will assess the problem utilizing a video pipe inspection with the latest in technology. Once the blockage is located and identified, our plumbers in Houston will provide a thorough cleaning of the drain and/or sewer line. With the cleaning process complete, the pipe interior is inspected once more to ensure it is thoroughly clean. The free video pipe post-inspection will ensure that thorough quality cleaning was provided, and no blockage remains to interfere with free flowing and efficient pipes.

High pressure water jetting provides clean drain and sewer pipes that will remain trouble free for a longer period of time vs. other types of cleaning methods. Water jetting is the most effective drain and sewer pipe cleaning service available, and is the only effective means of removing hardened, caked on grease from the pipe’s interior.

If your home is experiencing drain or sewer pipe issues such as slow drainage, no drainage or backup, our professional plumbers in Houston can provide the most effective cleaning service available with water jetting.