A growing number of U.S. homeowner’s no longer consider municipally supplied treated water to be sufficiently clean for drinking, cooking or bathing. This is reflected in the growing number of homeowners desiring the benefits of water filtration who choose to install a water filtration system in Sugar Land.

Across the nation, independent testing is finding a growing number of alarming contaminants, including pharmaceuticals, which pass through water treatment plants unaltered and into the water entering U.S. homes. The consequence of ingesting these substances is not yet fully known, though it is recognized as a potential danger to the health of those affected by it. It is especially alarming for unborn infants, the very young and the elderly. How widespread pharmaceutical contamination isn’t yet known.

With 85% of the nation affected by hard water, water heaters and plumbing are affected by the dissolved minerals every day, shortening the service life of appliances, faucets and other fixtures and in some cases, the very pipes that deliver water to homes. The correlation between hard water and corrosion of plumbing fixtures, pipes, and hot water heaters is a well-known problem. A water softener is required to prevent the plumbing problems caused by hard water.

The technology in water filtration and water softening is a progressive field that continues to expand to provide a solution for almost any water problem. No water filter is a ‘one size fits all’ type of solution. Water supply and its contaminants vary from area to area, and water filtration has to adapt to fit the need of each situation.

The most recognized contaminate in municipal water is chlorine or chloramines, which is used during treatment in municipalities to kill bacteria. Without its addition, water would be unsafe to drink with outbreaks in the disease being common. It is a known fact that chlorine has negative effects on human health, and the installation of a water filtration system in Sugar Land will remove chlorine.

Homeowners often question whether they need water filtration for contaminants, or water softening for hard water. The answer depends upon the source of your home’s water and what is in it.

water filtration system in Sugar Land can filter out contaminates, though not the minerals in hard water or salt. A number of pharmaceuticals will be removed with water filtration, though not all. Reverse osmosis water filtration is the most effective system in filtering out pharmaceuticals.

water softener will only soften water, it will not remove contaminates. The best option for contaminated hard water would ideally be a combination of water filtration, reverse osmosis and a water softener.

Common Types of Water Filtration

Carbon filter – A carbon filter is a porous filtration system utilizing carbon. As the water flows through this filter, harmful natural and organic compounds are absorbed, reducing the number of contaminants. Carbon filters reduce any odor or unpleasant taste in the water and are very effective at creating clean, great-tasting water.

Reverse osmosis – A reverse osmosis system utilizes a semi-permeable membrane, and was originally developed to remove salt from water, making it safe to drink. The principle of reverse osmosis was to remove the large particles of salt contained within the water as it passed through the membrane into the weaker solution of water. This process removes a number of contaminants that are too large to move through the membrane, but small enough to pass through a carbon filter, providing to be a very effective method of water purification. Reverse osmosis removes minerals such as salt, lead, manganese, iron, and calcium. Additionally, it removes some chemical contaminants such as fluoride, heavy metals including copper and lead, as well as toxins such as radium and asbestos.

Water softener: A water softener is another method for improving your water. Water softeners work by adding beads to the water. Harmful minerals like calcium and magnesium are attracted to these beads. A water softener will remove the minerals that cause buildup in your pipes and appliances.

Having the water tested and using a qualified plumber will provide the best means of addressing your water issues with an appropriate water filtration system in Sugar Land.

water filtration system in Sugar Land will filter out the majority of contaminants including chlorine for many homeowners. A water filtration system in Sugar Land is beneficial for your household, and the environment by eliminating the plastic bottles in the landfill from all the bottled water you will no longer need to purchase. If you would like to receive the benefits of water filtration, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg’s water filtration specialists can provide a water filtration system in Sugar Land to fit your household needs. Our exceptional plumbers serve Sugar Land, Houston, Katy, and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.