Our Houston plumbers can get called out for many jobs. They need to be educated and proficient in many different plumbing issues , and we make sure that they are. One of the issues we can get called out for involves Jacuzzi bathtubs. Do you have one in your home? Read on to find out more information about problems you may have experienced with your Jacuzzi.

Have you seen small, black, hard particles coming out of your jets when they have been turned on? When this happens, generally it means there is bacterial growth in the pumps. If the tub is not used for awhile, it tends to flake off and becomes evident in the water when the tub is turned on. Although this is not harmful, if you notice the flakes, it does need to be sanitized and cleaned. Fill the Jacuzzi tub with water and bleach and let it sit for at least an hour. Once it has set for a time, turn on the jets and allow to run for a few minutes. The cycle can then be repeated to flush out any remnant bleach residue.

Can I use sea salts in my Jacuzzi tub without damaging the motor, pump, jets, or other parts? The answer generally is yes, it will not result in any damage. Flush the jets out with plain water to remove any salt buildup.

My Jacuzzi bath tub won’t turn on anymore! The problem is probably the air switch (if it is a push-button style) has probably been disconnected or has dried out. There is a piece of tubing that runs from the switch to the pump motor. It can sometimes fall off if not in use regularly. If checking it yourself seems daunting, call your Houston plumbers to check it out for you, especially if it might be electrical.