Water Leak Detection & Water Line Repair Services

Houston Water Line Repair

At the first sign of a water leak, action should be taken to save time and money in the long run. A leaking water line can cause major problems from the growth of mold and mildew to rotting floor joists and ruined drywall. All of these things can cost a lot to repair and replace, so the first thing to do is get them fixed! Many things can cause a leaky pipe: tree roots, deteriorated fittings and pipes, mineral buildup and residue, high water pressure, ground movement, acidic soil conditions, and freezing and thawing especially in extreme conditions.

What To Do If You Notice A Water Leak

Shut off the water to your home to stop the leak, first of all. Then, dry the pipe with an old rag and place something under the pipe to catch drips or make noticeable any leaks. After that, turn back on the water to your home and watch for the leak to appear. You may need another person to assist in doing this job efficiently. Once you have identified the location of the leak, you will need to decide how to deal with the leak.

Slow Water Leak Repairs

If the leak is minimal, you may be able to do a water line repair on your own. Follow the instructions on any pipe fittings and tape you buy at your local Houston hardware store to see if that solves the problem. Chances are, you will need a licensed professional Houston plumber to come to do the job. Especially if the leak is near or above any electrical devices, call us immediately!

Exterior Water Leak Repair Services

If the water line leak is outside of your home, many times the repairs require a section of the line to be replaced. These sections can be replaced by high-quality piping to last many years. In worse cases, the entire water line will need to be replaced if there is significant damage throughout the pipe. Call your Houston plumber today to make sure your sewer and water lines are functioning properly and for a consultation.