High-velocity water jetting provides a safe and efficient way to clean clogs, scale and grease from drain and sewer pipes. Water jetting uses varying amounts of water pressure to clean all the way to the pipe walls. It effectively removes the stubborn blockage of grease, scale, mineral deposits, leaving behind pipes that are clean and drain efficiently. For the most effective sewer and drain cleaning available, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s reliable plumbers in Katy for professional water jetting service.

Over time, debris and grease build-up narrows the pipe’s interior lumen, causing problems such as slow drainage, or even no drainage at all. Other plumber’s tools may partially remedy the clog, but will be unable to completely eliminate it. The partially cleared blockage returns repeatedly as the remaining clog captures new grease and debris, continuing to grow until drainage is once more affected.

Water jetting rids the pipe of debris and other blockages without leaving a remnant behind. Only water jetting is capable of cleaning the pipe interior so thoroughly, eliminating the grease and sludge that other plumber’s tools can leave behind. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg's experienced plumbers in Katy are among the nation’s highest rated plumbers, and are equipped with the most advanced technology for providing you with smooth, efficient drainage.

The water jet uses a specialized nozzle that provides a 360 degree cleaning action. The process cleans like no other plumbing tool can, even removing corrosion from cast iron pipes providing a smoother interior that facilitates an unencumbered flow and reduces reoccurring blockages.

When you experience clogged drains, our plumbers in Katy will utilize the advanced technology of a video pipe inspection to identify and locate the clog. With the issue located and identified, our plumbers in Katy will provide the environmentally safe and efficient cleaning of the drain and/or sewer line.

Water jetting does not use any chemicals in the cleaning process, only natural water is used to provide the most effective cleaning available, assuring you of an environmentally safe process. Once the cleaning process is complete, the pipe interior receives a final free video pipe inspection to ensure it is thoroughly clean.

High velocity water jetting will provide clean and efficient drain and sewer pipes that will remain trouble free for a longer period of time than other cleaning methods are capable of providing. Water jetting is the most effective drain and sewer pipe cleaning service available, and is the only effective means of removing grease from the pipe’s interior.

When your home or business is experiencing drain or sewer problems, our professional plumbers in Katy offer the most effective cleaning process available with water jetting.

Restaurants and other commercial establishments often require a greater frequency of high velocity water jetting to remove mineral deposits, grease buildup, sludge and debris that accumulate in the drain and sewer pipe. Clogs can cause down time to a business, and down time typically means lost revenue.

That is why a number of commercial clients prefer to set up a scheduled program for water jetting service that keeps their drains flowing freely, and their business operations ongoing without any interruption.