Things to Consider When Remodeling A Bathroom

A remodeling a bathroom is no small undertaking. So before you start tearing up tile, you may want to think through a few things. Here is a list of tips to consider as you ponder a bathroom remodeling.

  1. Narrow down a budget. Knowing what you are able to spend on a renovation project will help you determine the boundaries of your design. You may need to be creative with what you have or discover you can really splurge on something wonderful!
  2. Do you want to try DIY? Be honest with yourself. Do you have the time and patience to live in a construction area for weeks remodeling your bathroom? On the other hand, some projects are easy to do yourself and can save a considerable amount of money. It also helps bring a sense of ownership and personality in the space.
  3. What needs to be replaced and what can you keep? There are options such as refinishing, that can cut the price of a tub by as much as 90%! New lighting, new hardware, and fixtures are small things that can make a big impact in a bathroom.
  4. Save money by keeping the plumbing in the same place. If you are planning to gut the entire bathroom and start from scratch, maybe the layout will generally still work. This will save a ton of cash that you can use for other things.
  5. What kind of flooring are you interested in? Non-slip, or easy-care? There are many tiles and other options out there. If you want an easy-care floor, go for porcelain or glazed tile and avoid natural stone. If you want a non-slip floor, choose tiles with a textured surface, matte finished, or sand-containing glazes. Another option is small tiles with lots of grout lines, which offer a better grip than large tiles.
  6. Consider electricity. Chances are, the wiring has likely been abused by years of high-powered appliances. Go ahead and replace the wiring with a dedicated 20-amp circuit and plenty of outlets for all the appliances you use, from electric razors to toothbrushes to hair dryers.
  7. Plan for ventilation. Moisture is your bathroom’s greatest enemy and you don’t want mold and mildew creeping in. Make sure when you’re remodeling a bathroom that you have an appropriate vent fan based on the square footage.
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