Are you looking to remodel the most used room in your house: your kitchen? Before you pick up the phone and call just anyone in Houston, you need to do some kitchen remodeling research.

1. Realize what you need

How do you use your kitchen? Define the layout that fits your household’s lifestyle and get resources from everywhere. How many people might you need to accommodate for at any given time? Do you need a workspace akin to a small office? Do you need more space or can you work with the size of your existing space?

2. Plan

So you’ve decided to change out every appliance and every surface, but stick to the original floor plan- what’s the scope for that kind of project? Or, even bigger, you’ve decided you might want to gut the entire thing and create an addition for more space. How will that impact your budget, your family’s lifestyle during construction, and can you really afford to do all of that at once? Think it through and be mindful of realistic expectations.

3. Create a dream portfolio

Make a scrapbook of pictures from magazines, websites, TV shows, wherever you can get them. Defining what you like is important when thinking about design. Every appliance and fixture comes in many finishes, styles and design. Know what is pleasing for you and especially what you absolutely don’t want. Having pictures is worth a thousand words in this case.

4. Consult a pro

Even DIY-ers will need to consult a professional at some point in the game- even if it is a knowledgeable salesperson at the local home improvement store. Plumbing is a major facet of kitchen remodeling, and we are excited and willing to help in any way possible. From faucets and sinks to cabinets and countertops, our Houston kitchen remodeling experts are equipped to handle all of your needs.

5. Get ready for demo

You’re ready to get started! You’ve picked what you love, created a budget, worked with someone who can help guide you through the tough questions and helped you lay out what you’re looking for. Now it’s time to prepare yourself for demolition and construction during your kitchen remodeling. Be patient during this phase. Good things come to those who wait.