Sometimes called an electric eel or even a toilet jack, a plumber’s snake is one of the most common and useful devices employed to remove drain clogs. It is an essential tool for drain cleaning and is carried by almost every plumber for daily use. When a clogged drain is too stubborn to respond to a plunger, a plumber’s snake is typically employed.

A plumber’s snake is usually a metal wire, coiled with space between the coils, with one end attached to a device that will crank a rotation, like an auger. The wire moves through the pipe or drain and clears whatever material is blocking the flow of water. The corkscrew motion of the plumber’s snake allows for several forms of operation, ranging from using the end to drill into a particular object causing the clogged drain to breaking up material causing blockage and scraping the remainder off the sides of the pipe line.

There are many types of plumber’s snakes, but the most commonly used one is a hand auger, which is used for many kitchen and tub drains. A closet auger may be used for a clogged toilet because it is shaped like a ‘J’, which allows it to reach the trap without damaging the porcelain of the toilet.

If you’ve experienced problems with a drain clog that can’t be resolved with a plunger, it may be time to call your local Houston plumbing service. With a plumber’s snake and additional tools more technologically advanced for larger, more stubborn drain clogs, our Houston plumbing contractors can get your water flowing quickly again.