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Some Drain Problems Are Not Too Bad, but Most Are a Nightmare

When you have a drainage problem in Wichita it is sometimes nothing very serious and can be cleared up very quickly. It could be something that is just blocking the sink or vanity which can be removed very easily with a sink plunger or a drain rod. It happens that things that can block the drain just build up, such as human hair which can slow drainage and then block it entirely.

However, in most cases when you have a drainage problem it is not just in the exit from the sink or vanity, but much further away in the part of the drain that is underground. That is an extremely different kettle of fish and will require our drain cleaning service in Wichita, KS.

There are any number of things which can block a drain, and some of them can be quite surprising. We once had a call-out for our drain cleaning service in Wichita, KS, to unblock a drain and the problem turned out to be a tennis ball. What had happened was that ground movement had caused the drain to compress and somehow a tennis ball went into the drain and got caught at the narrow point. The thing that the family concerned couldn’t make out was that nobody in the home played tennis or owned a tennis ball!

Tree Roots in Wichita Kansas Get To Your Drains

Another very regular culprit is tree roots. If you have trees in your yard, or even if you don’t but your neighbor does, their roots can find their way into your drains. Trees use a lot of water, and their roots will seek it out wherever they can find it. Water is running down your drain a lot of the time, and if it should become cracked or damaged – usually through earth movement – tree roots will find their way inside ready for a drink the next time you do the washing up. Once inside they expand and grow, and that is what can cause your drain to become blocked.

Fortunately, as the leading drain cleaning service in Wichita, KS, we have all of the equipment needed to find what is causing the trouble. We have a CCTV camera which we can send down the drain and see what the problem is.

If it is tree roots, we have a specialist cutter with several different heads that we can then send down and cut away the roots. End of problem!

However, not quite. Those pesky tree roots will grow back again, but we have an answer for that too. We can send down a herbicide which will kill off the tree roots and prevent them from growing again. Now that really is the end of the problem!