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Never Use An Unlicensed Amateur Plumber In Derby (Use a Licensed Derby Plumber Instead)

Derby, Kansas, is a small and friendly town with a population of about 23,000. Everyone might not actually KNOW everyone else, but mostly they recognize each other in the street. This is why things can sometimes go wrong when you need a plumber. You talk to a friend who says “Oh, I know a guy who does plumbing. His name’s Bob. I’ve got his phone number somewhere. Oh yes, here it is on my mobile directory. Give him a call”.

This could actually be the start of something very dangerous. You call Bob round to look at your leak and he says that it’s no problem, he can fix it. A couple of hours later your ground floor is under three inches of water and it is rising. Already, your carpet has gone and your sofa and other furniture are next, as Bob struggles with his tools and tells you not to worry – he’s gonna fix it!

Not to worry???

Bob is an unlicensed amateur who does a bit of plumbing “on the side”. He also does a “bit” of gardening, a “bit” of carpentry, a “bit” of brick-laying, a “bit” of electrical work, and his auto is probably a “bit” of a wreck!

Have you any idea how long it takes to become a professional, qualified plumber?

The Plumbers and Pipefitters Apprenticeship Training of Kansas is a school for apprentice Derby, Kansas, plumbers, and their course runs for FIVE YEARS! It includes on-the-job training and 280 hours of classroom work each year.


Now you can see why it is crazy to use someone for plumbing work who is not fully licensed and qualified. If your floor is under three inches of water you will know that anyway, but frankly we wouldn’t employ Bob to do a “bit” of anything – not even a “bit” of digging in the yard because he’d probably hit a power cable!

Every one of our Derby, Kansas plumbers at Ben Franklin is fully licensed and has years of practical experience. We don’t employ trainees because we know our customers want and deserve nothing short of the best. This way, you can be certain that our plumbers can resolve any problem that you have. We use all the latest equipment, such as a video camera we can run down your sewer or drain to see what the problem is – and even make a video of it to show you!

Whether it’s a leaking tap, a blocked drain, or you need a new bathroom installed, the professional Derby, Kansas, plumbers at Ben Franklin can do it for you. What’s more, you can be sure we will do it right.