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Who Is Responsible For The Sewer Line That Connects You To The Derby KS Sewer System?

Many Derby, Kansas, homeowners are totally unaware that if there is a problem with their sewer line that leads from the home to the main sewer in the street it is their own responsibility to have it repaired, and not that of the city. If the problem is in the main city sewer line then that is one for the city, but if it is in your own yard then you need sewer line repair Derby – and in most cases, you are going to need it urgently.

Blockages in sewer lines throughout the city of Derby can be caused by all sorts of different things. Some while ago we found a sewer line that was blocked with – of all things – a tennis ball. What had happened was that the sewer pipe had become dented as a result of the movement of the soil, and the tennis ball would not go past the dent where it remained trapped. What was most surprising was that nobody in the home actually played tennis! Fortunately, our service of sewer line repair Derby sorted out the problem and had everything flowing smoothly again.

Another very common problem is the ingress of tree roots into the Derby city sewer system pipe. If a sewer pipe becomes cracked – again usually because of soil movement – and there are any trees in the vicinity they will send their roots over to take up water that is leaking into the soil surrounding the pipe. The roots then grow into the pipe itself where they can find a continuous supply of water and gradually grow bigger until they block the sewer line completely.

Specialized Equipment for Sewer Line Repairs in Derby!

We have some specialized equipment that we use to determine the problem, chiefly involving a video camera that we can send down the line to ascertain the cause. In the case of tree roots we have a machine that uses a variety of different cutting heads and we can send this down the sewer line in order to cut out the offending roots. We also use a herbicidal root killer that will kill the roots and prevent them from re-growing.

If your sewer line is very old and beyond repair it may be necessary to replace it. Many people are worried about having their yard dug up, with all the mess that involves, but we also use a trenchless method of sewer replacement which, in effect, creates a new sewer line inside the old one. This trenchless method involves very little mess and the new sewer line will last for another 100 years or so.

So whatever the problem, when you need sewer line repair Derby, just call Ben Franklin and we will sort it out for you.