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Drains and Sewer Line Repair in Wichita: We Don’t Give Them a Thought Until They Get Blocked

It’s very true. Nobody thinks about their drains until there is some sort of a problem. They are out of sight and out of mind. Whether they are the drains of your sink, the drains of your shower or toilet, or the main drains that empty the water and sewage out of your home or business and into the city’s sewage system, we don’t give them a thought.

The sewage system in Wichita has to cope with the waste water and sewage for a population of close on 400,000, so it is pretty extensive, but the city takes care of that. It is the drains from your home into the system that affect you directly when they become blocked.  These are so-called sewer line repairs, although the consumer may experience them as clogged or slow-to-empty drains.

Obviously Something Wrong: The Drains are Not Emptying

Part of the problem when drains get blocked is that many people do nothing about it even then, and fail to call in a drain cleaning service, Wichita, although it is obvious that there is something wrong. When water starts to run away more slowly than usual, there has to be a reason, and the reason is that there is something blocking your drains and it is not going to go away by itself.

The most likely thing is that it will become more blocked as other debris builds up on whatever is causing the blockage, until it gets to the point when the water and sewage cannot run away at all. At this stage there will be water backing up into the home if the problem is not dealt with quickly. Fortunately, Ben Franklin Plumbing Services is the #1 drain cleaning service, Wichita, and is here to get you out of trouble.

One way or another, we can and will fix your blocked drains in Wichita. You would be amazed at some of the things that we have found blocking drains leading into the sewage system, including – on one occasion – a tennis ball. Yes, we were surprised also.

A Straightforward Matter

What we cannot stress highly enough is that you should call us out as soon as you notice the water is draining away more slowly than usual. At this stage, it is usually a fairly straightforward matter, and our drain cleaning service, Wichita, will be able to solve the problem quickly. Left to get worse, it may become a matter of locating the problem and then digging down into the ground and removing and replacing a section of the drain. Obviously that becomes a much more expensive job.

The sensible course of action is to call us in as soon as you notice the water draining away more slowly than usual. There is the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but if the water is draining slowly it IS broke and it needs fixing!