Guess What? Plumbers Repair Gas Lines in Haysville

Many consumers are completely unaware that, as plumbers, we can also carry out gas line repair in Haysville, KS. Yes, it’s true. If you have any sort of problem with your gas, we are the #1 company in Haysville to solve all of your problems.

Natural gas is a great type of fuel because it is cheap and can power many different appliances such as kitchen stoves, water heaters, laundry dryers, and more. However, natural gas does come with risks associated, since it contains carbon monoxide which can kill in sufficient quantity.

Of course, gas leaks can – and do – from time to time cause devastating explosions resulting in loss of life and total destruction of buildings. This is why the laws surrounding gas installations are so strict and why only licensed professionals are permitted to carry out gas installation and repair work.

Gas Lines Age

Gas lines actually only perform one function: they carry the gas from the mains into your home. However, like anything else, gas lines age. If they are near to water lines any leaks can affect your gas lines causing them to rust and deteriorate. Subsidence of the soil can also affect gas lines. In addition, where there are joints in the line there are seals which can also wear out with age thus causing leaks.

However, perhaps the most common issue with gas lines is poor installation in the first place.

Natural Gas Is Odorless

Natural gas actually has no smell, but the utility company will add an odor to the gas so that you can notice a smell if there are any leaks. If you do smell anything you should leave your home or business immediately, opening as many windows and doors as you can on the way. Under no circumstances should you use any electric light switches or turn appliance switches on or off, as the spark can create an explosion. Equally, don’t attempt to light a cigarette, or use a candle to see where you are going, even if it is pitch dark. If you have a flashlight or a light on your mobile it is safe to use that. Call 911 immediately and call your utility supplier.

At Benjamin Franklin our expert technicians can deal with any and all gas line repair in Haysville ,KS. If you are having your kitchen remodeled and you are going to move appliances or install new ones, we can handle all the necessary pipework for you.

Natural gas is a great fuel, but it can be dangerous unless installed and maintained by licensed experts such as ourselves. Don’t take any unnecessary risks – call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Wichita for all gas line repair in Haysville, KS.