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Taking a Sewer Line for Granted in Andover, Kansas

It’s a fact that people in Andover, and elsewhere for that matter, take a lot of things for granted in the 21st century. For instance, we take it for granted that the sun is in the sky even when we can’t see it because of cloud.

We take it for granted that when we flip a switch the light will come on or the kettle will begin to boil. We take it for granted that the air-conditioning will work during those long, hot, Kansas summers, that there will be food in the grocery stores of Wichita, and that weeds will grow in the yard if we don’t get out there and stop them.

We also take it for granted that we flush the toilet and – uh oh! Somebody needs a sewer line service Andover KS. The toilet or drain isn’t working… it’s stopped up, it’s not draining, and then we realize that all of “that” has to go somewhere, and that those beautiful Andover, Kansas, trees might be surreptitiously clogging our sewer line. Did you know that YOU – not the city – are responsible for the sewer line from your house to the main sewer line! Well, now you do.

Another Thing You Can Take For Granted:Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Wichita

Fortunately, there’s another thing that you can take for granted and that’s that Ben Franklin’s expert plumbers are always on call, day or night, in order to help you with the unexpected: the things we take for granted that don’t always work the way we expect them to. Our sewer line service in Andover KS is available whenever you need it – even at three in the morning.

It’s a fact that nothing lasts forever – including sewer pipes. It’s also a fact that the part of the sewer pipe that is on your property is your responsibility.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with sewer pipes. One of them is becoming blocked by things that shouldn’t be there. Sewer pipes are designed only to remove water from toilets, sinks, baths, and showers, along with human waste and toilet tissue. Blockages are often caused by fat, oil, and leftover food which can congeal in the pipes setting hard. They can also be blocked by sanitary towels and tampons, and wipes – even the ones that say they are flushable. These items should be wrapped and put in the bin.

Fortunately, when you need a sewer line service in Andover, Ben Franklin can come out and clear these blockages.

Tree Roots: The Common Cause of Your Woes

Another problem that often occurs with sewer lines is the ingress of tree roots. These can be really aggressive in their search for water, cracking and damaging sewer pipes causing them to leak and blocking them up. Our expert plumbers can usually remove these and get your sewer line running again, as long as it is not beyond repair.

Even if the sewer line is badly damaged, we can often install a new one using a trenchless system so that we don’t have to dig up your yard.

So whenever you have a sewer line problem in Andover just call us.