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Don’t Leave That Leaking Wichita Toilet A Second Longer!

It really doesn’t bear thinking about, but a leaking toilet in Wichita needs urgent attention. While it is not something for polite discussion around the dinner table, the simple fact is that we all need a toilet every day – in most cases on a number of occasions – so it is even more essential than a stove.

At least we can eat a sandwich or two for dinner if the stove is broken, but popping around to the neighbor’s at two in the morning is not going to win you any prizes as local personality of the year.

The Leading Toilet Installation & Repair Company in Wichita

At Benjamin Franklin we are noted as the leading toilet installation company Wichita. That is not to say that we are toilet installation “specialists”, because that would imply that toilet installation is all we do.

No, we are specialists in plumbing and we cover every aspect of plumbing. Installing toilets is just one of our many expert capabilities.

The point is that when you have a problem and you need a toilet installation company in Wichita, you need someone who knows what he is doing, can select a toilet that matches your existing bathroom suite, and can install it fast. That is just one of the many skills of our expert plumbers – knowing which wholesaler stocks toilets that match, getting the right model, and getting the job done fast.

In Some Cases We Can Repair Your Toilet

Of course, in some instances we can repair a leaking or problem toilet in Wichita which means that we can save you the cost of a new toilet, but if that is not possible the old one has to go and you need a new one.

If it is two in the morning when you spot the problem then we have to say that the wholesalers in Wichita are not open at that time, but we may be able to effect a temporary repair. That will keep you going until the wholesalers open and we can dispatch our plumber to obtain the new one as soon as they do. This should mean that we can get everything up and running for you again by the middle of the next day.

As we said, a leaking toilet can be a horrific problem, in particular if you only have one, as many Wichita homes do. That’s why we are on standby at all hours of the day and night for all plumbing problems, not just leaking and faulty toilets.

So remember this: if, or when, you have a leaking/faulty toilet you need the best toilet installation company in Wichita. That’s us – Benjamin Franklin – the punctual plumber.