Hey Derby, Andover or Wichita. Is It Time to Repair That Water Heater?

Tankless Water Heater

With Fall well under way, and Winter coming soon here in central Kansas, we are beginning to get the usual seasonal calls for water heater repair from our customers in Wichita, Derby, Andover, and other cities nearby. Why is this so? Well, of course, as the weather gets colder, your usage of hot water increases.

And with that increase in hot water usage, the pressure on your water heater increases rapidly. Whereas your water heater may have been able to handle your summer usage load, it may be unable to cope during the winter. Is your water heater no longer working? If it’s an emergency, of course we operate as an emergency plumbing service throughout the Wichita Kansas area. Many people find us as they look for an emergency or 24 hour plumbing service, especially one that can repair or replace water heaters, and then they more or less fall in love with our excellent customer service.

Water Heater Noise: an Early Sign of Possible Water Heater Repair Needs

Another scenario is the dreaded water heater noise. As the water heaters age, they fill up with sediment, although of course you’re supposed to flush them every year or so. But the reality is few people actually do the required maintenance. So the water heater fills up with sediment, and it starts to make strange noises as it struggles to keep up with the demands of a modern household for hot water. If your water heater is making incredibly crazy and loud noises, it’s a good opportunity to call us out for an inspection, and a possible repair or replacement.

A third scenario, common in some of the smaller cities such as Derby or Andover especially where there are older houses, is the water heater literally springs a leak. Hot water can start spraying out of the top of the water heater, in a fine, but very hot missed. At that point, the customer usually calls us in a panic, because they have to shut the water heater off, which is essentially the same as if the entire water heater fails.

Call us for Water Heater Repairs Throughout Wichita

Whatever your water heater travails are, whether your water heater is no longer functioning, or you are just looking for an inspection or possible repair, or whether you want to replace the entire heater, please reach out to us for professional advice. Water heaters are, by definition, hot. So be careful, and we recommend that you have a professional plumber and water heater service do the work.