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Need an Emergency Plumber in Wichita? That’s Us!

When you need emergency plumbers in Wichita and start searching on Google, you will find that a lot of the plumbing companies in the Wichita do not offer a full 24/7/365 emergency service. That is no fun whatsoever when you have a leaking pipe at three in the morning with water dripping through the ceiling and you can’t find anyone to come out and fix it!

Fortunately, at Ben Franklin Plumbing we’ve got you covered because we are on call day and night every day of the year – and that includes Thanksgiving and Christmas Day! Yes, while you’re eating turkey our plumbers are on their backs under someone’s sink or cleaning out their sewer pipe!

You Need A Plumbing Company You Can Rely On

It may not be very nice to think about, but if it happens to be YOUR sewer pipe that is blocked and you need emergency plumbers in Wichita, you want a company that you can rely upon to help urgently.

That’s why at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Wichita we regard ourselves as an emergency service in the same way as the fire department, police, or ambulance service. If you have a water leak and it is dripping on to your furniture and flooding the carpet you don’t want to have to start booting up your laptop – you just want a number you can call where you know you can get instant help.

The Wichita Plumbing Company That Never Sleeps

At Ben Franklin we are known as “the company that never sleeps”. Whenever you call we are here for you. It is a very good idea to do what a lot of Wichita residents and businesses have done and that is to put our telephone number in the directory of your mobile. You may never have an emergency, but if you do all you have to do is press a button – not start trawling through Google at 2.00 am!

Every one of our plumbers is a highly skilled technician and carries all the tools he needs together with a lot of spare parts on his truck. All you want is for us to get in, get it fixed, and get out again, and that is exactly what we endeavor to do. You don’t want to have to wait while we run back to the depot for a part, so we make sure that we arrive with everything that is likely to be needed to effect the repair.

So put this number in your mobile: (316) 768-8374. That’s the number to call when you need emergency plumbers Wichita. We also cover a 30 mile radius, so if you live in Andover, Haysville, Derby, or any of the other local towns Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Wichita is your emergency plumbing service too.