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Don’t Throw Your Money Down The Drain When Your Drain Is Blocked

What goes down the drain can be pretty nasty. Think hair in the shower, or chopped up food in the garbage disposal.

What’s worse is when you have a slow drain or your whole house won’t drain at all. But fortunately, we’re the drain cleaning service experts in Wichita, so call us. We deal with “yuck” all the time and take this hassle from you. We are experts in “yuck!”

If you check around, you will find that a drain cleaning service in Wichita can vary quite considerably in price. You would think that all the plumbing services would be quite similar, but that is not the case. There can be considerable differences, especially when it is an emergency and you need a call-out after hours. Certainly, the hourly rates are more when it’s two in the morning because we all have to pay our staff to work overnight, but when you have an emergency at that time the tendency is to grab the first plumber that answers the phone.

At Ben Franklin, we like to think that our rates are fair. There are not very many plumbers who provide an emergency drain cleaning service in Wichita, but we are one of the few that do. As a result, some firms seem to take advantage, but it is still worth checking around to get the best price.

The Very Latest Equipment for Unclogging Your Drain

At Ben Franklin, we have all the latest equipment, and when you need an urgent drain cleaning service in Wichita we can check what is causing the problem by sending a video camera down your drain to establish the cause. We can even make a DVD of it to show you! When you know what is causing the blockage it makes it much simpler and quicker to deal with, and the faster the problem is cleared, the less it is going to cost.

Quite often the cause is tree roots. Trees are always looking for water and they can soak up a surprising amount of it on a hot day. If your drain has a slight leak the roots will find it and gradually burrow their way into your drain. You can’t really blame the tree: after all, here is a readily available supply of water!

We can discourage your tree by using cutting tools to clear away the roots and then use a herbicidal based root killer to prevent them from growing again. It won’t kill your tree, but it will encourage it to send its’ roots somewhere else to find water.

So when you need help with a drain problem, call us: our rates are fair.