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Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair in Charlotte

Do you find yourself having to repeatedly flush your toilet to remove all waste after use? Does your toilet emit a noise all night long? Does water leak into the toilet bowl itself? Do you have unsightly stains at the bottom of your toilet that won’t go away? Do you experience frequent blockages or stoppages?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then it may be time to seek the help of a toilet repair professional. Our experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Charlotte are the experts at toilet repair in Charlotte and offer a comprehensive variety of options to fix any toilet problem you may be experiencing.

There are several different factors that can impact your toilet’s performance over time, and if you don’t remedy the problems as they happen you could set yourself for bigger problems in the future. Let our professionals help you solve your toilet repairs and bathroom plumbing issues, quickly, promptly and efficiently!

Toilet Repair or Replacement

Having your toilet replaced can be the best option if you find yourself in the middle of a troublesome fixture, but it’s not necessarily the only solution at your disposal. If your toilet is currently giving you problems, you have two options: look into a possible fix for your problem or replacing your toilet completely.

To help you make the best financial decision regarding your toilet, we strongly recommend working with toilet repair professional. Our plumbers are the people to ask when it comes to toilet repair in Charlotte and are available to help you diagnose the severity of your toilet’s issue.

The bottom line is that working with our team and learning the difference between when to seek a toilet repair versus replacing the toilet can save you hundreds of dollars.

Common Toilet Problems

  • High Water Pressure. State plumbing code 604.8 states that the incoming water pressure may not exceed 80 PSI. When incoming water pressure exceeds this threshold, it is damaging to plumbing. The toilet is the most vulnerable with usage being high and the intricate mechanics of the fixture. Common “red flags” that high water pressure is persistent include toilets that continuously “run” (especially at night), the sound of water internally leaking and visible leaks coming from the toilet tank.
  • Water Quality. Chlorine and other chemicals are very damaging to plumbing fixtures especially. The exposed rubber and plastic components found in a toilet tank break down over time after being submerged in a corrosive agent like chlorinated water. When left unattended, this ultimately leads to failure and repair costs. This is regularly the reason our customers require toilet repair in Charlotte.
  • Reoccurring Clogs. Flushing your toilet only to find the water rising and spilling over onto the floor due to a clog is a nightmare that no one should ever experience. Using a plunger to unclog your toilet is effective, but if you find yourself frequently pulling out the plunger, there is most likely an obstruction deeper down the drainpipe. Call our plumbers for toiler repair in Charlotte before you are faced with such an unpleasant situation.
  • Running Toilets. Are you plagued by a constantly “running” toilet? You’re not alone. There are two main factors that cause a toilet to “run.” First, the tank ball (or flapper) within the toilet may be worn out and not seating properly. The other could be that the float valve inside the ball cock assembly isn’t shutting off correctly.

After reading this, contact the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Charlotte for your toilet replacement, installation, or toilet repair in Charlotte. Between years of experience and a variety of brands and selections to choose from, whether you’re repairing or remodeling, we have the solution for you!


Q: My toilet is constantly running. How do I fix it?

A: First, try flushing the toilet and looking for a fill valve leak. Lift up on the float arm when the tank is filling to see if the water stops. Then, bend or adjust the float arm so the tank stops filling when the water level is 1/2- to 1-in. below the top of the overflow pipe.

Q: Why is my toilet flapper valve leaking?

A: If the flapper or Flush Valve Seal is leaking, it will go directly into the bowl. Try putting food coloring in the water in the tank to see if this is the case. A good first step is to replace the flush valve and gaskets.

Q: Does a running toilet increase your water bill?

A: The single most common cause for a high water bill is continuously running water from your toilet. It can waste up to 200 gallons a day! That can double a family’s typical water use, and thus your water bill, so fixing toilet leaks quickly as you can is crucial.

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