14 Things You Should Never Put Down the Drain

A plumber working on a clogged sink

Holidays are a busy time for plumbers, especially for the Charlotte area. Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to keep Benjamin Franklin plumbers busy with more people in the homes using showers, toilets and garbage disposals in the kitchen.

The number one reason for plumbing problems during the holidays is homeowners using their sinks and garbage disposals as a garbage can which then clogs the pipes.

Items to Avoid Putting Down the Garbage Disposal

To avoid clogging your pipes, never put the following items down the garbage disposal (whether it is the holidays or any time of year):

  1. Fats, Grease & Oils
  2. Potato and onion peels
  3. Fibrous vegetables (i.e. celery, pumpkin, carrots, etc)
  4. Poultry skin
  5. Bones
  6. Eggshells
  7. Coffee Grounds

Items to Avoid Flushing Down the Drain

If you are having visitors, the demand on your plumbing system does not just rest in the kitchen. More showers are being taken and more toilets are being flushed. Remember to avoid flushing the following items down the drain.

  1. Flushable Wipes – While the wipes you purchased may say they are “flushable”, that does not mean they actually are. The material used does not break down in the pipes the same way as regular toilet paper, which means they will eventually build up and cause your pipes to clog.
  2. Cotton Balls
  3. Cotton Swabs
  4. Cleansing cloths
  5. Dental Floss
  6. Make Up Products
  7. Household fluids

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If your drains are already draining slow, they are probably already partially clogged and could cause some issues this holiday season. Benjamin Franklin plumbing recommends getting your drains cleared and looked at before you have guests over or start to cook those large meals. There are several DIY drain clearing tips such as breaking out the stake but if you are unsuccessful and your drains are still clogged, it is time to call in the Charlotte plumbing experts.

If you have a clogged drain or want an inspection to keep your pipes clean, our Charlotte area plumbing experts can definitely help you out with that. Give us a call at (704) 802-1379 for all your clogged drains and plumbing needs.