Statesville Water Main Break: What to Do Next

If you are a Statesville resident, the quality of your home’s water just became a much more serious issue. Last week a major water main in the area breached, contaminating thousands of gallons of residential drinking water. How could this have happened? There’s a variety of reasons that contribute to situations like this happening, ranging from the expansion and contraction of the Earth to the age of Statesville’s piping. The most important fact out of this situation is that now more than ever, Statesville water purification is a must if you are a resident.
Regardless of the fact, it’s critical that you ensure you are not drinking contaminated water and to make sure your water is purified. Paul Stefano, the General Manager of our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team recently joined the FOX46 morning show recently to share some insight on this issue, and important steps you can take to ensure you are thoroughly cleaning water you intend to ingest, or share with family pets and in-home plants. Watch Paul as he shares extremely valuable information that can help protect you and your family by clicking on the FOX46 news station logo below:

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