Wichita Sewer Line Repairs: Who’s Responsible – the City or You?

Oh boy! There is some big confusion over who is responsible for what, when thinking about sewer line repair in Wichita. Or maybe you have never thought about your sewers. Why should you? Unless they go wrong of course.

Sewers? We all have them. Life would be very difficult without them. Yes, you could dig a big hole in the yard and create a latrine – and that’s what people in times past used to have to do. They had no choice. Fortunately, today we have moved on a bit, and we now all have toilets which we can flush and it goes down the sewer via the sewer service of good old, Wichita. So far, so good.

However, if anything goes wrong with your sewer – toilet won’t flush because the sewer is blocked – then you call the city. Right?

Well, it depends.

Cue you: “What do you mean ‘it depends’?”

It depends WHERE your sewer is blocked.

In simple language, the city is responsible for the MAIN sewer – usually out in the street – which is where YOUR sewer line connects to it. If the main sewer gets blocked/goes wrong, then it is the job of the city to fix it.

The Bad News?

Want the bad news? If the sewer line from your home or business gets blocked or goes wrong, then it is YOUR job to fix it. The city could care less. (Well, OK, perhaps that’s a moot point, but nonetheless it’s down to you as the homeowner to fix it which is why you need to call our sewer service Wichita).

Oh yeah, we get it. How do you know if it is YOUR sewer line which is blocked or the main sewer? The short answer is that you don’t.

But we do. Or at least, we can very quickly find out. Sure, if all your neighbors are complaining, then it is almost certainly the main sewer, but if they’re not, then it’s probably you.

Don’t worry. Our sewer service Wichita will never let you down. Would you believe that we have a video camera that we can run down your sewer line and find out EXACTLY what is causing the problem?

Yes, we do. Not only can we pinpoint the problem, we can also make a DVD of it so that you can see for yourself. Then you can make a decision as to the best way to deal with it. Could be tree roots have got into the sewer. Might be some other form of blockage. Perhaps the whole sewer line has disintegrated over the years. You won’t know until we check it out for you.

So if your toilet won’t flush, or the water in the shower is draining very slowly, give us a call. We will come out right away and very quickly find out where the problem is. Then if it is down to you, trust us to fix it for you. Fast!