For Sewer Line Repair In Wichita You Can’t Just Call Any Plumber

You may not know it, but for sewer line repair in Wichita, you need to call a plumber. However, you can’t call just any old plumber. More specifically, you need a plumbing COMPANY, and you need one that is big enough to handle the job. They have to have a lot of specialist equipment and enough manpower to handle what can be a very big job. That would be us, at Ben Franklin.

One of the problems surrounding sewer line repair in Wichita is that many people think that it is the responsibility of the city. However, as the homeowner, you are responsible for your sewer line up to the point where it enters the city main sewer. The city is only responsible for the sewer line after that.

At Ben Franklin, we have everything that is needed to repair, or even replace, your sewer line. First, we can send a video camera down the sewer to inspect it and find out what is causing the problem. We can even make a DVD of it for you. There is no point in trying to guess what the problem is, so we show you. Once you know what the trouble is, you can make an informed decision as to whether to repair or replace the sewer.

Tree Roots

Very often the problem is tree roots. They can get into the sewer because they head for water, and once in there they will grow. Fortunately, we have powerful machines which can run 100 feet of cable into the sewer and use one of several different cutting heads in order to remove the roots. We can then send down a herbicidal root killer which will kill off roots on contact.

City of Wichita code states that you must have a sewer line clean-out installed in your sewer so that it can be cleaned if it gets blocked up. We can install a sewer line clean-out for you if you don’t have one, or repair or replace your sewer line clean-out.

If you are thinking of putting a pool in your yard or adding an extension to your home and you don’t know where the sewer line runs, we can help. We have a specialist piece of equipment that will locate your sewer line to within inches, and we can even tell you how deep it is.

Finally, if you are tired of having your sewer line cleaned out and it is past its’ best, we can replace it with trenchless sewer replacement so you don’t have to have your beautiful yard all dug up. You can also join our sewer maintenance program where we come out and inspect your sewer regularly and carry out a line cleaning so that you don’t get a surprise system failure. For all sewer line repair in Wichita, call Ben Franklin.