Licensed vs. Unlicensed Plumbers in Derby, Kansas: Be Careful!

There are many folks in Derby, Kansas, and the surrounding towns who are DIY-ers. That is “do it yourselfers”. There’s nothing wrong with that if you know what you are doing, but what you really don’t want is to pay for a licensed plumber to come out to your home in Derby to fix your problem, only to find out that he’s not a licensed plumber at all but a DIY-er just pretending to be a licensed plumber in order to make a few extra dollars on the side.

Just stop to think for a minute: if you were about to get on to a plane to take you to the other side of the country – or even only 100 miles – you would expect the pilot to be licensed. You wouldn’t want to get into that plane if the pilot was a weekend flyer pretending to be a licensed pilot!

Could Cause An Awful Lot Of Trouble

Now an unlicensed plumber might not actually kill you – as an unlicensed pilot could – but he could cause you an awful lot of trouble. Water leaks, burst pipes, washing machines not installed correctly, drains not properly cleared, a toilet leaking, shower head not correctly fixed – and a whole lot more – might cause you some inconvenience after an unlicensed plumber has left, but in a more serious case could cost you thousands. This is why you should always call LICENSED plumbers in Derby, KS.

All Our Plumbers Are Licensed

Just as a side note – ALL of our plumbers at Ben Franklin Plumbing Wichita are licensed!

Stop and think about it for a moment. Why do you think that the authorities insist that plumbers are licensed? It’s because we deal with over 200 different types of plumbing problems and, sad to say, you can’t learn that in a weekend. It takes several years of training and practical experience to become licensed plumbers in Derby, KS, and not only that, but to keep up to date with all of the latest developments in plumbing. This is the reason why Ben Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, will never employ trainees. We have too much respect for our customers to let a trainee loose in their homes. Other companies might do so, but we never will.

Our plumbers are dressed in a smart uniform, turn up on time – every time – and have many years of experience, so you can be assured that they really DO know what they are doing. What might seem a horrendous problem to you is something that they have dealt with dozens, if not hundreds, of times before.

So, when you have a plumbing problem, make certain that you call LICENSED plumbers in Derby, KS. That would be us.