A Modern Home Needs a Modern Toilet: A Low Flow Model

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Ocean City, located in Berlin, MD, we install and repair all the plumbing equipment you could think of, all the devices and appliances you use every day. Maybe your bathroom faucet has a leak, or it’s time for a new installation as part of a remodeling project. Or perhaps your garbage disposal is clogged because you put some food into it that this handy appliance couldn’t quite handle. Either way, we have the skills and tools to get you up and running in no time.  

We service bathroom tubs and showers, offering the best shower faucet repair in the Salisbury, MD area. Speaking of bathrooms, our toilet services are also unbeatable. 

We offer toilet plumbing services in Salisbury, MD and the surrounding areas, with repairs for toilets that are clogged, leaking, or unable to flush. We’ll determine whether it’s a pipe problem, a drain problem, a sewer problem, or a problem with the toilet itself. If the latter is the case, you could get it repaired, or you may want to take the opportunity to get a replacement.   

We install dual flush toilets, a type of low flow toilet, which can save you money (more than $100 per year) by using less water. 

How Do Dual Flush Toilets Work?

Standard toilets use the same amount every time you flush, no matter what you’re flushing. Flushing liquid waste doesn’t require as much water as flushing solid waste, which means you’re wasting water every time you flush liquid waste if you have a standard toilet. With dual flush, there’s a setting for solid waste (more water) and another for liquid waste (less water), so you only use as much water as you need, every time. These toilets work just as well as traditional models while giving you the advantage of saving money. 

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” so imagine what he’d think of saving a $100 bill (one that bears his image) every year just by replacing your toilet!

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