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Wichita has Lots of Plumbing Companies, but You Only Want the Best

When you need a plumber in Wichita or any of the surrounding cities, you want nothing but the best. We understand that at Ben Franklin because we provide Wichita plumbing, but we do have to say that there are a lot of plumbers in the city to handle a population of around 400,000

However, are they all LICENSED plumbers? A lot of them are simply one-man businesses, and there is nothing wrong with that if they have the training that is required to obtain a license. Some of them may be bigger businesses, but do they employ trainees? You don’t really want a trainee fixing your plumbing, do you? Sure, everybody has to learn somewhere, but we think that should be in college, not in your bathroom.

That is why, at Ben Franklin, we do not, and never will, employ trainees. We have a lot more respect for our customers than that. When you need Wichita plumbing you need an expert and you need somebody who is going to get it right first time. Let’s face it if you have water dribbling through the ceiling you want somebody who can fix it. You don’t want somebody who seems to have fixed it but then two days later it starts to leak again, do you?

Our plumbers are licensed with many years of experience, and they can tackle anything that has water or gas running through it. That’s everything from fixing a leaking tap (OK, perhaps a trainee could do that) to provide you with a new sewer line with trenchless installation so that your yard doesn’t get trashed, which a trainee is simply not going to be able to do.

Maybe you might not even need a new sewer line. We have every piece of equipment for Wichita plumbing that could ever be needed here at Ben Franklin, and that includes a CCTV camera that we can send down your sewer line to determine the cause of a blocked sewer, and it will even show you on a DVD! Fancy that. You never thought you would be able to see the inside of your sewer now, did you?

Very often it is something as simple as tree roots if tree roots blocking your sewer can be classed as “simple”. However, it is to us. If you have tree roots causing the problem, we have a machine with several different types of cutting head that can cut away the tree roots and leave your sewer running free again. We can also use a herbicide to kill off any remaining roots so that you don’t get the problem again. How many trainees do you suppose could tackle that job satisfactorily?