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Plumbing in Haysville is Now Up To Date, and Very 21st Century

It is true that people often tend to romanticize about the smaller towns in Kansas, thinking that they are very “last century” and lagging behind the fast-paced major cities of today. However, you would be astonished at just how high-tech and modern today’s bathrooms and kitchens are, even in the smaller places like Haysville.

We have to admit that there is nothing really “romantic” about plumbing, and most people don’t give it a second thought until it goes wrong, or they decide to have a new bathroom. Suddenly, Haysville, KS plumbing is the most important thing on their minds. It becomes very apparent that plumbing – along with everything else in the 21st century – has very much come of age, and is a lot more technologically advanced than you could begin to imagine.

You Need Knowledge And Expertise in the Plumbing Business

It follows that when you need Haysville, KS plumbing you need a plumber who has the knowledge and the expertise to handle the latest and most complicated technology, rather than someone who can just change a tap washer.

Fortunately, at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Wichita our plumbers undergo continuous training in all of the latest technological advances, attending seminars and demonstrations, and even courses to polish up their customer service skills. All our technicians are just that – technicians – not some run-of-the-mill plumber who trained in the 1980’s and has never studied anything new since. The fact is that plumbing has undergone some serious advances over the last few years, and we take good care to ensure that our technicians keep up to date.

Wearing The Ben Franklin Uniform

When our plumber arrives at your door, he is wearing the Ben Franklin uniform, and not every plumber has the expertise to wear it. All of our plumbers are skilled craftsmen and have previously been apprenticed to master plumbers before they are allowed to undertake work on their own. They recognize that your home is your castle, and you don’t want just anybody in it. Not only are they clean and courteous, every individual is also drug-free. Our plumbers undergo random drug-testing all the time that they work for us, and each has also gone through background checks before being privileged to wear the Ben Franklin uniform. One thing that we do not do at Ben Franklin is hire newbies and then let them gain experience at your expense.

So when you need Haysville, KS plumbing services, whether it is an emergency call-out, a new water heater, or a complete new bathroom installation, you can be assured that we have great pride in the Ben Franklin name and reputation that has been built up over the years, and we take every care to ensure that we continue to be regarded as the best.

It is good for our business, because our customers recommend us to others: we are here for the long term, and we intend to keep it that way.