Beware Of Lead In Your Drinking Water

A definite cause for concern in today’s world is our health. Alarming, that something in our pipes could drastically be affecting our well-being and through one of the most important resources that we depend on – our water. If your plumbing system is outdated, then there is a strong chance that your drinking water might have succumbed to lead from lead pipes. Lead has been proven to cause serious health problems for both children and adults. If you suspect that your home’s piping system contain lead, its best to call a professional to inspect the pipes and see if pipe replacement is necessary.

Do I Have Lead In My Drinking Water?

The EPA states that homes constructed before 1986 have a high likelihood of containing lead in fixtures and piping. Homes constructed before 1930 also run a high risk of having pipes completely made out of lead. Lead pipes have long been removed as a plumbing standards since the discovery of its adverse effects on human health.

To get a thorough test of your home’s potential for lead, try having a plumber test the water coming out of every one of your fixtures. The problem might not rest with the entire plumbing but individual pipes in your home. To test, if you have been exposed to lead, go to your local doctor and have them check to see if any hazardous amounts of metal are in your blood.

Effects of Lead on the Human Body

Children: Lead has been known to affect mental and physical development in children. Long term exposure and high dosages can cause permanent effects.

Adults: Adults may experience mental problems as well as kidney problems from high exposure to lead. Pregnant women should be extremely cautious, as the baby will be very vulnerable to contamination.

How Do I Remove Lead From My Plumbing?

To remedy the problem of lead in your fixtures and your pipes affecting your drinking water is a water filtration system. A more costly solution might be to replace your pipes, this is the best solution for a permanent fix. If your home were constructed before 1930, it should be the only option.

Call a qualified Benjamin Franklin Plumber today, to put your mind at ease and test your drinking water. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Eastern Iowa will also be available to advise you on the best solution for your home.