What's the Best Type of Toilet Paper

Why the Best Type of Toilet Paper Matters

At the beginning of the pandemic, you may have been delighted to find any toilet paper in the stores. Now, supply is keeping up with the demand. But many of us are deciding to stay stocked up, just in case. If you buy in bulk, you want the know the best type of toilet paper to buy now that you can choose.

It really all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Some people base their buying decisions on comfort, some on environmental impact, and some base it on budget. However, if you want a worry-free flush, you should consider your plumbing in the decision, too.

Why the Best Type of Toilet Paper Matters

Many people have concerns about their impact on the environment. Others may have family members with chemical sensitivities. Others may find that budget concerns define the best type of toilet paper to buy.

Ultimately, choosing the best type of toilet paper that won’t clog your system will address both environmental and budget needs. It will also reduce the chance of skin irritation, as well.

Let’s look at some of the most impactful features to look for when shopping:

Bamboo toilet paper

It sounds pretentious, but toilet paper made from bamboo is actually better for sensitive skin and cranky old pipes. Bamboo is a grass, rather than a tree, so it breaks down faster in your septic system. It also dissolves more readily within your pipes.

Bamboo also grows quickly compared to trees, making it a very sustainable choice for toilet paper. It contains no bleaches or fragrances, which makes it less likely to irritate tender skin.

From recycled materials

This isn’t what it sounds like — toilet paper made from recycled materials is made from used clean paper, not used toilet paper.

The advantage here is that paper from recycled sources also breaks down easily. It’s an excellent choice for septic systems. Best of all, it’s bleach-free, which means it won’t unbalance the microbes in your septic tank or irritate your skin.

Marine/RV paper

Toilet paper made for boats and RVs are designed to break down quickly for those with portable toilet facilities. They don’t put too much stress on these temporary toilet systems.

Like a septic system, an RV toilet holding tank has to be emptied out regularly. Any buildup of matter that doesn’t dissolve is hard to remove and can cause increased maintenance down the road. Instead, this paper is compostable and won’t add to the solid waste buildup.

What if You’ve Used the Wrong Kind?

That’s okay; mistakes happen. That thick, fluffy, fragranced toilet paper is pretty tempting, and no one can blame you for making comfort a top priority in this matter.

But if you’re having trouble with your septic tank because of it, make an appointment today with your local plumbing pros at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Pleasantville. They can give you a fresh, clean start with your septic tank.