Benefits of High Pressure Pipe Cleaning

plunging sink

You’ve tried all the caustic chemicals and six types of plungers on your slow drains. Your arms are tired, and maybe you’re eyeing some questionable device online that may, or may not, pull the hair, grease, and other gunk from your drains. Maybe it’s time you found out about the benefits of high pressure pipe cleaning?

High pressure pipe cleanout, sometimes called hydro-jetting or water-jetting, uses a high pressure stream of water to clear out clogs and obstructions from your drains and sewer pipes.

The Advantages of Water-Jetting Pipes

There are several ways to clean out slow drains and clogged pipes, but high pressure pipe cleaning offers several advantages.

Many homeowners, and even some professional plumbers, frequently use snakes and augurs to remove obstacles from drains. While it may be the best choice for some applications, like tree roots, it’s not always the best method.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

No dangerous chemicals are used

Many homeowners are concerned about their impact on the environment. If you’re trying to go green and don’t like the idea of adding pollutants to the water supply, high-pressure jetting is an excellent choice. Your drain clogs are removed with sheer water pressure alone.

Results in cleaner pipes

Hot water jetting at high pressure also removed biological contamination from your pipes. So, bacteria, mold, and algae are reduced along with any physical obstruction in the pipe. This means fewer foul odors emanating from your sink and shower drains.

Can prevent future clogs

Along with the clog, any residual or downline buildup of grease and soap is removed. So, not only is the current clog removed, but also potential clogs are washed away. Snaking will clear an existing clog, but buildup in any other sections of the pipes will remain.

It works quickly

Water pressure cleaning is faster than harsh chemicals you buy in the store. It can take days to reduce a simple clog with household chemicals enough to fix a blocked-up sink or toilet.

It’s also quicker than snaking, whether you do it yourself or call in a plumber.

It’s safer for your pipes

Water-jetting is easy on your pipes, which is an important factor for those who have an older home. Auguring can often damage rusty and brittle old, galvanized drainpipes. It can also crack old-fashioned clay and ceramic pipes. Removing a simple drain clog should not result in a complete and unexpected plumbing overhaul.

The choice of experts

High pressure pipe cleaning using water jetting is a preferred method for cleaning sewer lines by many municipalities and industries.

Ready for a Clean Start?

Stop dumping bottle after bottle of expensive and dangerous drain cleaners down your slow drains. Come clean, once and for all, by scheduling a high pressure cleanout for your pipes.

Make an appointment today with your local plumbing pros at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Pleasantville. They can give you fast-flowing drains in short order.