6 Steps to Fix a Leaking Shower Head

Shower head

Have you heard anything more annoying than the constant dripping of a leaking shower head? It’s not only loud but it can also be irritating and you may be wasting more than 2,160 gallons of water a year on this sort of leak.
Allow Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to help you by providing these 6 steps in order to fix this problem, safely, accurately, and most importantly, permanently:

Step #1. Turn off the water at the shutoff valves:

Open the shower head and allow it to drain completely.

Step #2. Remove the shower head from the shower arm:

remove leaking shower head

Use an adjustable wrench to grip the attaching knot and loosen it. Make sure to turn carefully as you don’t want to scratch the knot or the fixture of the shower head.

Step#3: If the shower head leaks at this step:

steps to fixing a leaking shower head

Clean the threads on the shower with a small wire brush to remove any plumber’s tape. Re-wrap the threads of the shower arm with fresh tape; be very careful not to cross the threads and damage it.

Step#4: Reattach the shower head and tighten it firmly, but don’t bend the pipe!

steps to fix a leaking shower head

It’s very easy to overdo it, and then you will need a new shower head! Make sure to check if the leak has stopped at this stage.

Step#5: You should also check to see if there’s a leak at the swivel ball:
Use the wrench to remove the swivel ball ring. Try not to scratch the fixture. Look inside the old ring and replace it with a new one. Reattach the shower head to the swivel ball and shower arm. Be mindful not to screw them in too tightly as this may cause damage.

Step#6: After completing the repair, turn the shower to the “on” position and slowly open the shutoff valve:
step to fix a leaking shower head

When the water is flowing without air, turn off the shower and you’re good to go!
Those are the 6 steps to repairing a leaky shower head. Remember, if you encounter any trouble, we’re standing by to help you anytime; simply give us a call 24/7. You can always count on receiving 100% satisfaction from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing guaranteeing you that, if there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!

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