• We had a waterline break on New Years Eve, I was freaking out about the cost and if anyone would be able to come out. After talking with Leslie the dispatcher I felt more at ease that everything would be okay. Mike B came out and worked on the leak within the time frame they gave me. He explained what happened and how he was going to fix it. Everyone was very professional and helpful during the whole process . I will be using you again and will recommend you to friends and family.
      - Erin Reuscher Port St Lucie, FL
    • Customer service was outstanding.
    • I have a service plan with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.
    • The repairman was knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.
    • I recommend Benjamin Franklin over any other plumber because they were concerned with my whole house and not just the water heater.
    • Quick service, clean job, and an extremely respectful technician.