What Causes a Leak?

Several environmental and material factors can cause a leak within a home’s or business’s premises. As the most reputable provider of sewer pump installation in Morris County, NJ, we’ve decided to outline some of the most common causes of leaks to educate our customers old and new. The following information will help people to both identify and prevent leaks from forming or worsening in their property.

What To Do if You Have a Leak

When water is running through the house, it can make it harder to locate the source of a leak. Firstly, check the water meter and shut down all water sources to narrow down your search. Next, turn off all appliances to avoid damage or risk of electrocution. Finally, call a plumbing professional to identify and fix the source of your leak before it worsens.

What are the Leading Causes of Leaks?


As houses age, so do the materials that were used to build them, including the plumbing systems and pipes that channel water throughout the building. As materials age, they deteriorate and can start to rust and leak. If your house is more than 20-years-old, we recommend booking a full plumbing inspection as a preventative measure. This will help to identify dangerous pipes before they cause lasting damage.

Changes in Temperature

As all houses need to have hot and cold water access, the pipes go through many changes in temperature over time. Occasionally, this can cause pipe materials to crack or burst. In the wintertime, pipes can contract due to freezing temperatures. As they defrost they expand, which can sometimes cause cracks to appear, eventually causing leaks.

Water pipes can burst because of an increase in pressure inside them as the water expands when temperatures rise. When the pressure becomes too much for the pipeline to contain, they can rupture.


Clogs are unavoidable in most households, with so many different materials that can lead to blockages. Hair, grease, toilet paper, waste materials, and children’s toys are just some of the things that can clog up a drain.

Clogged drains often cause drainage pipes to back up and overflow. Water will try to escape through any pipe threads or cracks in caulking, eventually finding its way into a home.

Water leaks can be easily repaired by a plumbing professional. For more information, or to schedule sewer line installation in Bergen County, NJ, and surrounding areas, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Pompton Lakes today.