Water Quality

Banning the bottle without sacrificing health and water quality

We all know the negative effects discarded plastic bottles have on our environment and oceans. But the problem for many Maryland homeowners, particularly those in the Annapolis and surrounding areas, is the reality of bad tasting or smelly water coming from their taps.

A lot of times this is due to the contents in the water supply. Iron, manganese and other metals in a water supply can create a metallic taste and odor. It could also be due to hydrogen sulfide which can turn into a smelly gas when it comes into contact with the magnesium anodes in water heaters.

Water Wisdom Solution
Ask us about a Reverse Osmosis system that fits nicely under your kitchen sink. RO offers the benefits of a 5-filter system that matches or exceeds the purity of what you’ll buy in those plastic bottles. And by eliminating the plastic bottles, you can lighten the burden on the environment and on your wallet!

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