Remember That Time When Your Toilet Kept Running or Your Faucet Wouldn’t Stop Dripping?

OF COURSE YOU DO! Because chances are it’s going on in your home right now!

One of the more common calls we get from Maryland homeowners relates to running toilets… or toilets that don’t work at all.

Another common issue is incessantly dripping faucets, or faucets that don’t have the same amount of water coming out as they did before.

And they are so common, chances are you may be dealing with these problems right now!

If so, you’ll find this message especially timely. Because now, for a limited time, you can save $25 on any toilet or faucet repair. And, if you need or want a replacement toilet or faucet, you can use that $25 toward the purchase and installation of a new one from our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing selection.