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Common Toilet Problems We’ve All Experienced – Here’s How to Fix Them!?

At any point, anybody can come across a sudden toilet problem. A lot of these problems are common and can be remedied. Here are some common toilet problems one may experience and how to fix them.

  • Water on floor – This may be caused by a leak. To fix this, check all connections to locate the leak. It may also be caused by a cracked tank, which means it will have to be replaced to remedy the problem. Also, water on the floor may be caused by a faulty wax ring that should be replaced.

  • Flusher too weak – This could be a result of hard water deposits in the toilet. An easy way to fix this is with wooden sticks, but it will be more effective to use an acid wash. However, acid wash is dangerous and it should be kept away from eyes, skin, clothes, floor, and basically everything but the toilet. Also, it cannot be used if there is a septic system unless you disassemble the toilet.

  • Toilet clogs – If a toilet is clogged, use a plunger in the bowl, making sure that there is enough water. Move the plunger up and down to remove the clog so the toilet will flush normally.

  • Dropping bowl water level This may be caused by a siphoning of water from the bowl due to a partial clog. To determine if this is the problem, empty the bowl of water and check if there is a clog using a flashlight and mirror. If there is no clog, there may be a crack in the bowl which can only be remedied by replacing the cracked bowl.

  • Stuck toilet handle – This could be a result of a buildup of lime on the mounting nut. This can be fixed by simply cleaning the mounting nut with vinegar.

  • Slowfilling toilet – A slow-filling toilet could be caused by the water supply not being properly open. To remedy this, make sure the valve is open and that all its parts are functional and clean.

  • Toilet doesn’t flush all the way – Check to see if there is too much slack in the lift chain. If there is, lessen the slack. If this isn’t the problem, it could be a low water level in the tank or an improperly installed flapper. Check the water level to see if this is the problem. Also, make sure the flapper is properly installed if this is the problem.

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