5 Reasons to Get a Faucet Replacement in Nebraska

Kitchens and bathrooms are both some of the most important rooms in the average home. This is primarily because of their connection to the plumbing system, allowing homeowners to cook and clean with the help of clean water. However, it’s easy to not notice problems with your faucet until its too late. It’s for this reason that you should be aware of what kinds of problems can affect your faucet. As one of Nebraska’s best plumbing companies, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Omaha is here to advise you on what to look for so you can call for a faucet replacement in your Nebraska home.

Here are five signs you should call us for a faucet replacement for your Nebraska home:

Rust and corrosion

One of the most obvious signs you need a new faucet is when it becomes visibly corroded. Faucets can become corroded over time due to exposure to hard water and certain cleaning chemicals. When the corrosion gets bad enough, it can get into your drinking water, making it taste strange.

Mineral build-ups

This is another problem caused by hard water. Deposits of minerals can often build up inside and around the faucet fixture and it can cause major damage if left alone. Depending on where the build-up is and how severe it is, you might be able to break it off safely. However, it’s always possible you’ll need to get a faucet replacement instead. If this and the previous issue are common for you, consider picking up a water softener for your home.

Leaks and mold

Leaks don’t often seem like a huge faucet problem to the average homeowner. However, a leaking faucet can cause an increase in your utility bills due to wasted water. Also, leaking water can cause mold to grow, which is gross, is capable of damaging your home further and can cause a variety of health problems over the long-term.

Plans to remodel

Your faucet’s health isn’t the only reason to replace your faucet. For home buyers, kitchens and bathrooms are often some of the biggest selling points for a house. Because of this, changing out your faucets to match a room’s decor or freshen up the sink can do wonders for a home’s value.

 Old age

Nothing lasts forever, and the same goes for your faucets. Even if your older faucet works well, you should consider replacing it if it’s reaching retirement age. Because each type of faucet has unique warranties and lifespans, you should ask the manufacturer or read the manual to determine your faucet’s lifespan. If you can’t get an exact number, assume your faucet’s retirement age is fifteen years old.

What makes Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Omaha my best choice for new plumbing fixtures?

A trusted plumber should provide dependable solutions and precise workmanship during a plumbing catastrophe and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Omaha is proud to offer those qualities in our plumbing professionals. Our business standards are based on a prompt arrival, personalized attention to the problem, and exceptional customer service. We listen to your problem and develop a personalized estimate with budget-saving choices and then execute a thorough, detailed repair that will meet your approval. We aim to earn your return business with stellar service and a job done right the first time. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Omaha today to learn more about your choices of faucets!