Detroit Tiger Michael Fulmer Spends off Season Dealing with Sewer Pipes

Unless you are like Detroit Tiger Michael Fulmer, you probably don’t have much interest in dealing with leaks in sewer pipes. Michael apparently loves doing plumbing work as much as playing baseball, so he spends part of his time in the off season doing just that. Working as a plumber, he tackles all types of jobs, and that means both the cleaner tasks involved and the not-so-clean ones, like dealing with sewer pipes.

Just because someone can make a half-million dollars a year and still deal with sewer pipes doesn’t mean everyone, regardless of income, needs to do that – or even should. If you are having an issue with your home’s sewer pipes, it is likely you don’t have the experience Michael has, so you should probably leave it to a professional plumber.

Just as speed is important when playing baseball, you want a speedy response when you are having an issue with sewer pipes, so you want a plumbing company that understands the urgency when you call. How about not only urgency, but an on-time guarantee where they pay you if they are late? Does this sound too good to be true? You can believe it because here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Morganton, that is what you get. For every minute we are late for a scheduled appointment, we will pay you $5, up to $300.

We rather doubt you could get ahold of Michael even if it is the off season, but you can rely upon us for all your plumbing needs, including that critical problem with your home’s sewer pipes. We may not be last year’s American League rookie of the year, but we do have a few accolades of our own and also a love of the sport. Give us a call and let us show you what sets us apart from other companies in the area.