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593 reviews


593 reviews

  • Steven Abbott Profile Picture

    Steven Abbott

    Mike Cook and Aidan did a great job with the drywalling after we had new water lines installed by Jun and is Benjamin Franklin team. The Benjamin Franklin teams took the time to make sure everything was done right and their work looks very good. We really appreciated the professionalism and integrity of this company. They keep their word and get things done right.

  • Dennis Carroll Profile Picture

    Dennis Carroll

    Rhodes did a wonderful job. He alleviated the "Niagra Falls" under our kitchen sink. All the connections of the faucet to the sink were so rusted, that they had to be cut out. Very courteous, very professional. It was our pleasure to have him in our house. I would not have had the tools, nor the patience to do the job that he did. I'm so glad that I called you. In a little over 2 hours , the job was finished. Again, fantastic job!

  • CoolCeCe 2006 Profile Picture

    CoolCeCe 2006

    Good afternoon. I'd like to express how stratified I am with my technician, Mr. Nick Hamilton's professionalism. I'm also very appreciative of his patience because I had no clue of what type of device I had and he had to explain it to me along with its uses and cost to repair it. He was so kind and eager to help. Thanks again, Mr. Hamilton!!!

  • Ton Up59 Profile Picture

    Ton Up59

    Taylor Jones was very professional and easy to work with, as was his coworker Tristan. They took that extra time to endure the work was perfect before they called the job done. An excellent experience! Highly Recommended!!!