The Benefits of Water Conditioning

water from faucet in glass

The coronavirus crisis has heightened our awareness of so many things we might have taken for granted before — from the cleanliness of our hands to the pollutants in our indoor air, to the bacteria in our water. Living through a pandemic has helped us to appreciate the power of human contact and how much we miss that connection when we have to "socially distance" ourselves from friends and family. 

It's also empowered us to take control of our health and safety in any way that we can.

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we've always been dedicated to making life more convenient and comfortable for residents of Bucks and Montgomery County. Today, we're highlighting the benefits of our water conditioning services in Warminster, PA, and the surrounding region, as a great way to promote a healthy environment in your home.

What Is Water Conditioning?

Water conditioning, which is also commonly referred to as water "softening," is treating water to remove impurities. When water is considered "hard," that means it contains a high concentration of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. Minerals and chemicals, such as chlorine, in water, can adversely affect the human body, a plumbing system, and household appliances.

While the water supply to your home might be safe, that doesn't mean it's high-quality, and our water treatment experts install whole-home conditioning systems that give our customers the best of both worlds.

How Is Water Conditioning Beneficial?

A whole-home water conditioning system can provide a number of advantages for homeowners concerned with the quality of their water. We've illustrated a few of these benefits in the following infographic:

benefits of water softener infographic

How Do I Know I Need Water Conditioning in My Home?

You might be able to recognize some telltale signs of hard water around your home. Some of the most common include:

  • Cloudy or discolored water
  • Water has an odor
  • Water has an unpleasant taste
  • Scale buildup on plumbing fixtures, such as shower heads and faucets, as well as bathtubs and shower walls
  • Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines don't perform efficiently

If you're not sure whether your home could benefit from a water conditioning system or one of our water treatment solutions, contact us to schedule water testing anywhere in Bucks County or the surrounding region. We can identify impurities in your water that could be negatively impacting your family, your plumbing and appliances, and help you decide on the best way to resolve the situation.