Reasons Your Water Bill Has Been Climbing

Nobody enjoys paying their monthly bills. We do it because we have to and because we value the things we get in exchange for those bills. Case in point: water. The cost of water is on the rise to begin with, so no one wants to pay more on top of that. When the bills we so diligently track and pay for seem to rise for what feels like no reason, it’s hard to not be bothered.

The thing is: there usually is a reason. In fact, we’ve listed the three most common reasons for inexplicably rising water bills – and how you can address them – below.

You recently installed a new appliance.

Hey, congratulations on your new washer or dishwasher! It’s nice to get a shiny new helper in the house. Here’s the thing, though – sometimes that helper wastes water. If you haven’t already heard of the WaterSense program promoted by the EPA, here’s your chance to learn. This program is all about promoting water conservation in American homes.

The EPA will award fixtures or appliances with their special WaterSense logo if they hit certain guidelines. These guidelines include: being 20% more efficient than comparable products, achieving that efficiency in an eco-friendly way, and being able to prove it with trackable results. The next time you invest in a new appliance, make sure it’s WaterSense approved to protect your water bill in the process.

You have a hidden leak.

Not all leaks are built the same. Sometimes when you have a plumbing leak in your home, it’s a bit more difficult to find. Common hidden leaks are slab leaks as well as leaks behind your toilet, under your sink, or at infrequently used outdoor faucets. These are places you can’t forget to look at if you notice an inexplicably rising water bill.

Another way to find a hidden leak is by using your nose. Leaks that have had time to spread typically lead to mold growth, which stinks. Look in out of the way places, sniff out pooling water, and seek out those hidden leaks. That way you can save money by easily guiding your plumber to the issue once you call them in to fix the problem.

Your household is wasting water without realizing it.

Maybe your kids are home for the summer and are taking forty minute showers, or maybe you’ve been leaving the water running when you brush your teeth. The water you use on a day to day basis can make a difference in your water bills, especially if there are more than one or two people living in your home. Take time to take stock of how you use (or waste) water in your home and if there are ways you can be better.

If you’d like to talk to some professionals about ways you can better manage water or improve your home’s water management, give us a call. The professionals at Ben Franklin Plumbing is always happy to share their knowledge and experience.