Summer Season Wrap-Up: How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Summer is still here, but the impending fall will arrive before we know it.

When the leaves start falling and the days grow shorter and chilly, you’ll want to already be preparing your home for fall.

Start now, and you’ll still be able to soak in the last weeks of summer as you await the new autumn season.

Here are a few tips to help you wrap up summer get your home ready for fall.

1. Check the chimney

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys some time in front of the fireplace now and again, you’ll want to be sure that’s still an option come fall and winter. Be sure nothing has caused a blockage in your chimney over the summer, and get it prepared to host you and your family for some evening fires in the family room.

2. Seal up the cracks

If you have any air leaks or openings in your home, you’ll likely need that fireplace even more. Now’s the time to inspect your home for any cracks in doorways or windows, and seal them up before you let the cold air in. Failing to fix them could bring higher energy bills.

3. Prepare your yard

You’ve probably spent your fair share in the yard this summer, but why stop now? Take some time to maintain your yard: get rid of any dead branches, bring certain plants inside that won’t fare well in cold weather and inspect outdoor plumbing fixtures for any signs of damage. These may not seem like a big deal, but they’ll certainly help prepare your home for cold-weather stresses.

4. Check on your water

A common culprit for outdoor plumbing issues stem from your pipes. Before it gets too cold, be sure to turn off your outside water and bring those garden hoses inside. Frozen pipes are never a fiasco you want to deal with. Opt for eliminating that problem by simply inspecting your pipes and preparing your plumbing system. While you’re at it, be sure water is draining properly in and around your home.

5. Do an efficiency check

You’re all about efficiency, right? You should be. As you wrap up summer and prepare your home for fall, check up on your appliances and be sure they’re operating at an efficient level. Perhaps it’s time for a new toilet or washing machine that could end up saving you big time on your monthly bills.

6. Clean and reward yourself

We all spend time spring cleaning our homes and yards, but fall is the perfect time to take that cleaning and organizing to the next level. You’ll feel much better when you give your home a good cleaning—you’ll soon be spending more time indoors, anyway! If you’re feeling really ambitious, reward yourself by splurging on something for your home, like a new faucet or water filtration system.

If you’ve come across a plumbing issue in your mission to prepare your home for fall, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas can help. We’re experts in a variety of plumbing services, including leak detection and pipe repairs. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a service!