Tackle Plumbing Problems before Game Time

Your plumbing is probably a great teammate, most of the time. To keep it in the game, especially during the big game, you need to take care of it. Events at your home where you have extra guests, extra food preparation and extra usage in the bathroom can put pressure on your plumbing and cause plumbing problems. Here are tips, from the trusted professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to make sure you don’t get stuck during the Superbowl:


Gear Up For Plumbing Problems

A worn or old toilet flapper can create problems in the bathroom and make it tough to flush. Replacing the flapper is a quick and easy thing to do and it can help things flow smoothly during times of heavy usage.

Defend your Disposal

Potato peels and certain vegetables can be tough on a disposal. Throw away what you can in the trash. When using your disposal, use plenty of water to help move scraps down the drain.

Pass the Plunger

Plungers are not just for toilets. You can keep a clean plunger under the kitchen sink to help with clogs or slow moving drains. To use a plunger properly: pull the flange out from the bottom and use a quick pulsing motion to help remove a clog and solve your plumbing problems.

Game Plan

Don’t wait for a problem to surface and then call a plumber. A plumbing inspection, done by a trusted professional, can identify potential trouble areas before you have a house full of guests and a major plumbing emergency. For more plumbing tips contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas.