No Hot Water in the House? How Neglecting Water Heater Maintenance Is the Culprit

Imagine getting up in the morning, expecting a warm shower to start your day, and finding that you only have cold water available. Too often this unpleasant experience is caused by ignoring your water heater. Whether you choose to complete the maintenance steps yourself or hire a professional like our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas experts, regular water heater maintenance can prevent many problems, like running out of hot water.

Properly Maintained Water Heaters

When your water heater gets just a little bit of attention each year, it could last about ten years, sometimes a little less and sometimes even longer. When properly maintained, the efficiency of the heater is improved, damages are prevented, and the life span of the heater is increased. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget all about water heaters when they are functioning correctly.

Risks to Your Water Heater

When you neglect your water heater maintenance, you open the door to some significant risks:

  • Mineral or sediment build up can cause many problems, such as reduced access to hot water, damage to the tank, and a noisy water heater.
  • Rust can corrode the water heater, the aluminum or magnesium anode rod, and heating elements.
  • A damaged pressure relief valve can lead to pressure buildup in the tank, which could eventually explode.

Regular Maintenance Is Essential for the Health of Your Water Heater

Some water heater maintenance steps you can do on your own; others may call for the expertise of professionals. Of course, if you hire plumbers for routine maintenance, you can significantly reduce your worry. Some of the most important maintenance steps include:

  • Checking the anode rod and the dip tube.
  • Flushing and draining the water from the water heater tank.
  • Checking the pipes.
  • Testing the T&P valve.
  • Learning how to monitor the efficiency of your water heater.

If you are ready to give your water heater the attention it deserves, contact us at our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas office.