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  • Anthony Monico Profile Picture

    Anthony Monico

    I have owned this property for almost 2 years. I’ve tried desperately to get a company to come out and replace the stairs. Then I came across Benjamin Franklin plumbing of Albany. And my goodness. They did an amazing job. And the service is really why I am a fan because they were quick and efficient. I called them to do plumbing work. And I brought up the stairs and within 2 weeks… new stairs. Can’t beat that kind of service. And no matter what you think of the picture below, the stairs are stable and amazing. I’ll paint the stairs and it’ll look amazing. Update: they are doing FANTASTIC WORK ON THE BATHROOMS AS WE SPEAK. Super happy!

  • Krystal Sawicki Profile Picture

    Krystal Sawicki

    Mike D. was absolutely amazing! Dispatch had gotten my phone number incorrect when I put the service call in, but Mike went above and beyond to ensure that I was successfully contacted & received outstanding service. He was already at my house, but was flexible to wait for me due to the phone error not being my fault. Mike D. was honest, professional, and thorough when in my home. He checked all pipes and connections. He stayed with me until I got into active contact with a septic company, as my plumbing wasn't my true problem and my septic was in an emergency state. He augured my pipes to set me up for sure success after the septic company pumped. If I have any plumbing issues, I would absolutely call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and specifically ask for Mike D., as he is professional, personal, patient, understanding, and kind!

  • Brian Mearns Profile Picture

    Brian Mearns

    The plumber for our scheduled appointment was very prompt and friendly. He understood what needed to be done and did the work quickly and effectively. He needed to leave once for a part, and once because there was work he couldn't do on site and needed to do it back at the shop, but he kept us informed of this and returned promptly each time. Would recommend, and will use this service again for future needs.

  • Robin Emanatian Profile Picture

    Robin Emanatian

    After having our valve in our bathroom, fail and spray, at least 50 gallons of water in our upstairs bathroom, which sunk into our basement with our finished bar we couldn’t have been more happy with this company and their responsiveness to our emergency at 7:30 at night! Mike was amazing and was able to fix our valve enough to turn our water back on! Thank you for wonderful service, responsiveness, and professional work ethic, and dealing with our matter in a more than timely fashion considering that we couldn’t make the water totally stop after turning off our main valve. We are grateful!

  • Art Kazanjian Profile Picture

    Art Kazanjian

    Randy‘s team is excellent. His company can handle all aspects of air-conditioning, plumbing, carpentry and remodeling. A great benefit the Company Can handle the total project. The team is professional, caring, and will make the best of effort to satisfy your needs. I highly recommend them.