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Contact Our Plumbers Today and Experience the Industry’s Flagship Drain Solutions and Drain Cleaning Service | Rosenberg, TX

Contact Our Plumbers Today and Experience the Industry’s Flagship Drain Solutions and Drain Cleaning Service | Rosenberg, TX

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Houston is blessed to have diverse architectural designs. You'll find different homes, from historical structures and modern buildings. From a plumber's point of view, all these have different plumbing networks. Hiring professional drain cleaning services enables you to protect your drains from damages. That's true, but just like in other industries, there are rumors about plumbing that most property owners have accepted. This blog is here to demystify some of the common myths and misconceptions about your drainage system.

If things drain smoothly, it is working perfectly. Sometimes this notion is not true. Debris and particles may go down the drain, but they may be gradually accumulating at one point along the pipes. If they are left to build-up, the situation worsens, forcing you to deal with an emergency. Calling professional drain cleaning service from time to time can help you avoid such crises.

Anything Can Go Down the Drain

While this is technically true, you need to be discriminative about what you pour down the disposal. Greasy food items such as meat and cheese can coat the inner surface of pipes, causing clogs. Long, narrow waste such as potato skins, celery, and carrot skins tend to wrap around blades within the conduits, blocking the flow. Furthermore, coffee grounds, eggshells, bones, and other brittle items can easily cause a problem with your drains.

A Wire Hanger Makes a Good Plumbing Snake

Whereas many people use a wire hanger to unclog their drains, it is a practice that can turn the results upside down. A naked wire with a pointed ending can scratch or damage the inner surfaces of the pipes. An advantage of hiring your professional drain cleaning service in Rosenberg, TX, is that they have project-specific equipment and tools. That said, instead of using a wire, they use drain augers to unclog the pipes. It has soft ends that are gentle on the surface of the drains.

Chemical Cleaning Products Don't Damage Pipes

One thing that most householders don't understand is that chemical drain cleaners can lead to severe damages over time. A lot of the available cleaning products available in consumer markets clean the dirt but "eat up" the pipes. Reputable drain cleaning service makes informed choices when selecting drain cleaning products. They'll match the clog with the most suitable, eco-friendly detergent that rids the pipe of blockages.

Most Drains Can Handle Citrus Peels

Citrus skins do an excellent job of preventing odor in your kitchen drain. However, if you're living in an old home with decades-old plumbing systems, that may be a big problem. The conduits may not break down the peels, hindering the efficient flow in the sewers. The best thing to do is to avoid that.

Flushable Items Are Suitable for Pipes

Some manufacturers label their items flushable. Technically, that's true, but most do not break down as toilet tissue does. Flushing these items causes fatbergs within the plumbing network. That's the build-up of a congealed mass of non-biodegradable matter. Also, most drain cleaning service companies advise their clients not to flush cat litter. It contains a bacterium called Toxoplasma Gondi, which is associated with disease epidemics. Other items such as sanitary pads, paper wipes, or insects should not be flushed. In short, anything labeled “flushable" has the potential of damaging the drains.

Water Heaters Can Explode

On the contrary, water heaters can explode. Even though most of the updated water heaters have pressure-release seals, there is still a high possibility for it to burst at dangerous levels. To prevent that, property owners are advised to hire a drain cleaning service every year to flush the system and examine the state of the pipes and valves after a few months to prevent the occurrence of life-threatening situations.

Understanding The Three Drain Cleaning Techniques

Several factors dictate the method of drain cleaning your plumbing technician uses. Most drain cleaning service firms will examine the pipes and the clogs, and device the best action plan to remedy the situation. Depending on the type of the clog and the amount of build-up, the expert will employ the following cleaning techniques.

Drain Augers

Also known drain snakes, these drain-unclogging tools like these effectively helps you clear the pipes and major blockages without having to use chemical cleaners. Think of it as a long corkscrew that's flexible enough to turn around bends within the pipes. Drain augers have a coiled or curved end that goes down the pipes until it reaches the clog. A motor then causes rotation of the ending, so they secure the clog. The drain cleaning professional then pulls the items out, breaks it down, and washes down the remaining debris.

Video Pipe Inspection

To effectively clean the drains, you need first to understand what kind of non-biodegradable material you're dealing with. A professional drain cleaning service invests in high-quality, technologically-updates video pipe inspection equipment. That enables the plumber to make formed decisions on how to clear the clog, as it eliminates a lot of the guesswork. Usually, a miniature camera with a thin wire is deployed inside the pipes so that the visual representation appears on a screen/monitor. This is a creative way of knowing what the obstruction is and planning the best method to remove it effectively. Besides, this equipment helps in detecting leaks and offer an invaluable tool during repairs.


An advanced drain-cleaning technique, hydro-jetting, is used to clear pipes and eliminate large obstructions. This method uses high pressure and high temperatures. A hydro-jetter comprises a motor that creates high pressure. A hose is introduced to the pipe, and the pressurized water is released through a small nozzle. The hot water then disintegrates the build-up, leaving the tube clean. Most drain cleaning service experts have the skills to handle the equipment as it can be potentially dangerous to an inexperienced individual.

Creating a schedule for occasional drain cleaning saves you time and money. Calling a professional plumber to inspect, repair, or clear the drains is a preventative maintenance approach that lets you avoid emergencies.

If you think you need plumbing services in Rosenberg, TX, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston today and experience the industry's flagship drain solutions.